A horse is an animal, living in the social system of a herd. There it finds security its nature needs, essential for the survival of a flight animal. The hierarchy is an important part of this structure, it guaranties at any time, the strongest horse is in charge. This following a leader, coming from the horses natural habbit and instincts as a wild horse and still in its genes as the animal for our needs today. A horse should tread you as a part of its herd, not as the predator that you are. On the other hand, they ask if you are a leader that is worth to be followed, am I safe as a follower of yours or shall I be aware myself of the risks waiting there for me?

As an animal, beware of all risks in the past of their breed themselves, searching safety mostly in the flight will do so at any time fear will come up at its mind. Adding pain to this, communication is totally lost. In case of basic communication on painful or other bad experience, treated as a slave and with this the loss of positive experience with human, ether riding or any other work, will lead to a permanent aggravating feel, a change of character and a loss of its temper common with a so called dead eye. Maybe resistant with bad behavior will show up.

The communication with the horse is simply and effectively possible in the horses natural way. Using the same words for the same asked exercise will do for a small amount. A horses mind is not able to communicate in sentences with men.

Horses do have their own communication code, including their whole body and more. Observing herds someone can see this communication skills if able to watch carefully.

Humans use ropes and many other mechanical instruments to move a horse. But within the herd, mostly feel and sometimes a wink with an ear is the whole communication. Of course they do kick, bite and strike each others, but we as mankind do not have hoofs or teeth like a horse and not the strength of their bodies. So for our own safety it is necessary to communicate with feel. And anyhow, it should be a fundamental goal for anyone of us horsemen to reach a higher level of communication skills with our horses, to gain a soft feel between us – horse and human.